Giełda klasyków – Samochody klasyczne i zabytkowe

We are a group of specialists
in luxury products trading and research

While looking for the right investment in classic car, watches or art you have to browse through the hundreds of offers to find what you are looking for. Now we will do that for you.

What we can
Do for you

Products search

We have access to many portals, institutions and other places to which average buyers do not have access.

Vehicles inspection

If requested, we can check every vehicle from the technical and legal aspect before bringing it to the customer.

Transport and purchase

We can provide safe transport for products and vehicles found by you or by us

Legal matters

We have experience in completing all the formalities related to the purchase, import and registration of a car.

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    Our goal is to find what you're looking for

    The market for luxury products, such as classic cars, premium watches or art, has its own rules. Not always what we are looking for is available at hand, or in the condition we expect it to be. Sometimes you have to browse through hundreds of ads from around the world to spot this one model that we want to have in our collection.

    We search through the market till we find what you need, sometimes for months, in order to finally be happy to give you this information: "We have it ... Do you want us to bring it to you?"

    You will save a lot of time with us. You will also gain access to the market of products available only to companies like ours. We have been importing products from Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands for years. We use court bases and our private sources. Every day we are paving new ads on portals for classics cars lovers and catalogs with unique products.


    best sources

    We have access to many inventories to which access for many people is impossible. Thanks to that we are able to be relatively quickly find the right product.


    from A to Z

    Our experience with legal elements of the import process allows us for a quick settlement of every case.


    and safe

    There is a possibility to check each vehicle or product found by us or by you.


    We have already managed to help hundreds of people find the car that they have been looking for for years. Here are some of the gems we have brought.