Giełda klasyków – Samochody klasyczne i zabytkowe

Our offer
searching and selling unique products

We specialize in finding gems on the secondary market. Luxury, vintage cars, youngtimers, collectible watches and works of art are goods that We deal with buying and selling on a daily basis.

We search through the market till we find what you need, sometimes for months, in order to finally be happy to give you this information: "We have it ... Do you want us to bring it to you?"

Searching for goods

You can commission us to search for a specific product completely free. We can not guarantee how quickly the product will be available on the market, but we will make every effort to speed up the whole process.

After finding the right item, we can transfer the contact to the seller, or comprehensively take care of bringing the goods to your door. 

We choose only the best pieces on the market.We check their condition and quality. We negotiate prices with owners and institutions

The sale and sale process

The goods our catalog are not always included in our inventory.

As in the situation in which research must be ordered first this product's availability needs to be confirmed.

In order to acquire the goods, we act on behalf of the client to the person or institution issuing the product with the specified amount of money by the customer and proceed to the negotiation stage.

In case of accepting the terms of sale, we will pay a fee from the previously paid funds by the customer.

Then, on our side is the organization of purchase, administrative formalities in a given purchasing unit, an organization of transport and, on request, arranging administrative formalities in Poland, such as excise duty.

If the customer's offer is too low, within 100 days, 100% of the paid amount will be refunded.